Our Story

Elyssa in well

Elyssa: I’ve been photographing people for more than half my life now. I fell in love with photography in my first year of high school. After majoring in photojournalism at UNC, I went to law school because I was afraid I couldn’t make a career out of taking pictures and I liked arguing. Long story short, I practiced law for a few years, but now I spend as much time as possible surrounded by the positivity and creativity of Kivus & Camera. I also love annoying John (meet him next), reading and watching geeky things, and going to Disney World.


John Kivus and Special Guest

John: My better half takes pictures too, but never went to school for it. He picked up a point-and-shoot for fun a few years back and he’s a natural, so I obviously made him my second shooter.  He studied Computer Science in college and after several years programming, wound up in law school, where he met (and fell in love with) me. He also works as an attorney, but handles intellectual property litigation (trademarks and copyrights). When John and I aren’t at other people’s weddings, comic book conventions, or Disney World, he likes to watch WWE (go Sasha Banks!) and to cheer loudly for the Red Sox.

By the way, Kivus is our last name, and it’s pronounced Key-vuhs.

Here’s a look at our ridiculous faces: