Our Story

 Meet the Kivii behind Kivus & Camera

Kivus is our last name, and it’s pronounced Key-vuhs. We’ve determined the plural of Kivus is Kivii, and sometimes I blog about the goofiness that is “The Kivii Life.” When we aren’t at other people’s weddings, you can often find us at Disney World, comic book conventions, or breweries. 

About Elyssa Kivus
Elyssa in well
(1) I was a divorce attorney. (2) I had brain surgery. (3) I became a wedding photographer.

(1) I fell in love with photography in high school. But after majoring in photojournalism at UNC and interning for newspapers, I went to law school because I liked debate and mock trial. Also because, given the state of the economy in 2009, I was afraid I couldn’t make a career out of taking pictures. I practiced law for a few years, and was miserable. I kept at it because I felt like I had to prove law school was the right decision. And in some ways it was – I learned a lot about business, other people, and myself (not to mention the fact that I met John and a bunch of other great people). But practicing law was suffocating me creatively.

(2) Brain surgery changed things. I still have the same brain, just minus a tumor. In my third year practicing law, I had a seizure and that led to discovery of a tumor. Undergoing surgery to remove it was absolutely a turning point. I feel lame even saying it because it is such a cliche, but that experience was life-changing. I had a new perspective on my priorities, and concluded that I deserved to be doing something I enjoyed. (Don’t worry. I’m fine now!)

(3) I fell back in love with photography. We shot our first wedding a few months after my surgery and Kivus & Camera was born.

In case you are faced with a trivia game about me, here is an alphabetical list of random things that make me happy:  

  • ASOIAF (Hey George, if you’re reading this, please let Arya and Nymeria reunite happily!)
  • Carolina Basketball
  • Chocolate
  • Comedy
  • Disney World
  • Double IPAs
  • Dresses (bonus points for pockets)
  • French fries
  • Great television
  • Hamilton
  • Harry Potter (Slytherin, represent)
  • John Kivus
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Photography
  • Puppies
  • Sailing
  • Star Wars (after serious evaluation, I’ve determined that The Force Awakens has surpassed The Empire Strikes Back as my favorite movie of all time)
  • The Stormlight Archive series
  • Weddings

About John Kivus

John Kivus and Special Guest

John is a phenomenal photographer and is good friends with Buzz Lightyear. Aside from that though, let me tell you about my second-shooter/husband/best friend:

  • He has a delightfully sarcastic wit.
  • He’s fiercely loyal and caring.
  • He good-naturedly teases his loved ones (especially me).
  • He’s wicked smaht (and hails from New England).
  • He cheers for New England pro teams and Carolina basketball, and he is *still* riding high on his alma mater’s 2016-2017 football national championship (go Tigers!).
  • He’s an introvert but tolerates me when I talk his ear off after a day of social interaction.
  • His favorite movie is The Two Towers.
  • He’s never read any Harry Potter books, but he *has* read the Wikipedia entries.
  • He has a very dapper footwear collection.
  • He’s an Apple fanboy, former programmer, and the Kivus & Camera tech support team.
  • In addition to everything else he does, he works as an intellectual property attorney and runs the best site on the internet: Rope Drop Dot Net.
  • He’s really really ridiculously good-looking, but knows there’s more to life than just that.
  • He’s my favorite person on the planet and he makes me laugh every day. 

Here’s a look at our ridiculous faces: