Kids and Families

Family Photographers

We are photographers, we are part of a family; naturally we enjoy being family photographers.
Our families are our rocks. They are constants we look to for love, encouragement, laughs, and sometimes surprise. Our families can surprise us because families are ever-changing. That’s partly because of the circle of life, but also because of love, and because we as individuals grow and change. I don’t know about you, but I try to remember every stage of growth for my loved ones.

Let us capture moments in your family history, so the memories of what your daughter looked like without her front tooth never fade, so you can remember the first Christmas you celebrated with your now daughter-in-law (you know, the Christmas when she was just your son’s new girlfriend, but your intuition told you it would be more). John and I will learn about you as individuals and as a family unit. Then, in your family photography session, we can be as traditional or as fun and crazy as you like. You will walk away with images that will decorate your house for years to come.

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