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August 6, 2018

The Best Triangle Wedding Vendors

Best North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Getting married in the Raleigh area? You need the best Triangle Wedding Vendors!

Obviously, we think you should hire Kivus & Camera for wedding photography (that’s us!), but we have had the awesome privilege of working with some of the best wedding vendors in the triangle over the years. Assuming you need more than just photography, we put together a list of the best triangle wedding vendors we love working with. Here’s who we love recommending!


Best Triangle Wedding Vendors - Best North Carolina Wedding Planners
Wedding planners are the folk who help things run smoothly, handling all the details so you don’t have to worry about anything on the wedding day. Whether you want someone to plan the whole thing for you from the first venue tour through the sparkler exit, or you just want someone to coordinate the wedding day timeline, these are my favorite North Carolina wedding planners:



A lot of couples ask if we do video in addition to still photography. While that answer could change in the future, it’s a no right now. Videography has a lot of overlap with still photography, but the venn diagram isn’t just two fully overlapping circles. If video is important to you, I definitely recommend hiring someone who specializes in wedding videography, like the teams here (I need to get some pics of these guys in action – they’re so good at staying out of my shots!).


Hair & Makeup

Best Triangle Wedding Vendors - Best North Carolina Wedding Hair and Makeup

Listen. Y’all are all so pretty, but I TOTALLY understand wanting to take your beauty look up a level or two on your wedding day. The images we’re going to give you ARE going to last forever after all. So if you’re going to hire someone to do your hair and/or makeup, here are some Triangle hair and makeup artists I love to work with:



Best Triangle Wedding Vendors - Best North Carolina Florists
I had origami flowers at my wedding, so in all honesty, I’m probably not qualified to tell you who’s the best florist in North Carolina, technically speaking. But I can tell you that the folks listed below are all nice people and super great to work with, and I’ve been wowed by the bouquets and displays they pull together. 


Best Triangle Wedding Vendors - Best North Carolina Wedding DJs

The music is what gets your party going, and keeps it going. If you want people to dance, you’ve got to give them entertainment they can dance to. The DJ vs. band question will be endlessly debated, and I think it’s one of those personal preference things. That said, here are some great triangle wedding DJs and some options for North Carolina wedding bands. And while you’re at it, invest in the colorful uplighting! That’s how we can get the super energetic, colorful dance floor images so many of our couples love.


Best Triangle Wedding Vendors - Best North Carolina Wedding Cake

Let’s be honest: cake is in the top three reasons I love my job. But wedding cake is evolving! There are wedding cupCAKEs, wedding cheeseCAKEs, wedding pies, wedding donuts, etc., etc. But treat yourself! Get something sweet or savory for dessert (and then eat it first). 


Officiants (the ones who make it legal)

Best Triangle Wedding Vendors - Best North Carolina Wedding Officiants
I feel like officiants are often one of the last vendors that couples plan for, and I think that’s a mistake. Officiants can truly make or break a ceremony. This is the most intimate part of the wedding day and there’s also a lot of meaning in the ceremony. Whether you want the shortest ceremony possible or you want seven readings and a unity ceremony, you deserve to find a wedding officiant that understands your priorities, your values, and your love. 



Finally, all the small things. But really these can be big things too. Depending on your venue, you may need to provide tables, toothpicks, and anything in between. Think seating, linens, glassware, custom displays, etc. These folks have you covered: 


Coming soon: a whole ‘nother post about some of our favorite North Carolina Wedding Venues


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