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Being in front of a camera is an awkward and vulnerable feeling for most people. I bet even some super models feel that way at times. Being almost naked (or even totally naked) in front of a camera takes that feeling and turns it up to 11.

But, believe me when I tell you that boudoir is FUN! At least, it is with Triangle Boudoir. It is a fundamental part of my job to make it fun and it's the best job ever. That's me over there in the Captain America shirt btw! 

Many of the women I've photographed for Triangle Boudoir sessions were hesitant because they thought they weren't the 'boudoir type' - but y'all, listen up, THERE IS NO 'BOUDOIR TYPE.'

There are only women who sip mimosas, and have a fun, goofy time with me. You'll feel powerful and sexy as hell, and you'll end up discovering a side of yourself you may not have known very well before.

And that woman is a confident, gorgeous badass.

Let me help introduce you to yourself! 

And why gorgeous badass?

raleigh, NC Boudoir

Boudoir is fun

Boudoir is about feeling powerful and sexy, sure, but most of all,

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Pre-session consultation
90 minute portrait session
Image reveal

After the session, gorgeous badasses purchase a "little black book" book with their favorite images to keep for themselves or give as a gift. Others simply get digital versions of their photos.

Images and products are chosen after your session. On average, gorgeous badasses spend around $2,300 at their reveal, for a total average spend of $2,500.

Triangle Boudoir Session: $200


A Triangle Boudoir session includes:

Triangle Boudoir by Elyssa Kivus is Based in Raleigh, NC and we Photograph Boudoir Sessions for women in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and the whole triangle Region

Our new studio is Opening soon and we're kicking it off with discounted sessions January 21-22. Mark your calendar and send a message for more info

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