We're Raleigh wedding photographers Elyssa & John Kivus.

If we aren't at a wedding, we're probably drinking craft beer and watching Star Wars.

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If it was making fun, joyful memories with your favorite people in the world, then keep on reading, because we want to give you those memories!
(Cake is also an acceptable answer though.)

We’re Raleigh wedding photographers who love creating bold, colorful, magical memories of your wedding with beautiful, artistic portraits AND enthusiastic, genuine moments.

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p.s. we definitely photograph weddings in Durham & Chapel Hill & the rest of North Carolina's triangle region, and even beyond,
we just live in Raleigh so it has a bit of an edge

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"Photography Sorcery!"

"Beautiful, vibrant, and exactly what we wanted!"

"Badass amazing team!"

Raleigh Wedding Photographer Reviews

Sarah & Monty

The image quality is amazing.
They embrace light and color in my favorite ways. Elyssa and John were so easy-going and they encouraged me with my wildest ideas.


Dale & Jake

Our pictures turned out amazing - my husband and I kept crying every time we looked at them. We can't recommend them enough, both for the amazing photography and for how easy they were to work with.


Shu & James

Not only does she deliver on her photos, Elyssa is extremely organized and has her process well defined... When I felt like I was drowning in wedding prep, this process and efficiency really made all the difference.


Carly & Nick

They are so much fun to work with, & produce some truly breathtaking work. We recommend them a million times over!


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Long story short, just before our wedding, I had brain surgery (literally), and realized that I should be doing something that brought me joy. So we started Kivus & Camera and haven't looked back...

I (Elyssa) had come to law school from a photo-journalism background and John was an incredibly talented hobbyist. We clicked. (pun SO intended)

We're your friendly neighborhood Raleigh wedding photographers!! We met in law school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and bonded over a shared interest in photography (among lots of other geeky things).

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