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This is undoubtedly an important decision. Your wedding photographer is the custodian of your memories. The wedding photos are the piece that lives on as long as your love. Long after the cake is gone, the last dance is danced, and the reception decor is put away, you and your partner will be able to relive your wedding day through your photos. So it's understandable that you want to make a thoughtful decision when choosing your wedding photographer. And there are tons of questions to ask your photographer to make sure you're making the right decision. But the three most important questions to ask **yourself** when choosing a wedding photographer are as follows:

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As a result, Every Photographer's Wedding photos are different

Look through portfolios and blog posts and full galleries. Figure out what the photographer does best. We here at Kivus & Camera have a wedding photography approach that's a mix of journalistic documentation of genuine moments and artistic creation of breath-taking, beautiful portraiture. Our vibe is lots of bold, saturated color and lighting. Check out more of our work!

Asking yourself whether or not you love a particular wedding photographer's photos is THE most important question, because regardless of what style or vision or worldview speaks to you and your partner the most, you deserve to LOVE your wedding photos. 

So, make sure you go through their portfolio and definitely don't hesitate to ask to see more. This is the first and most important step when choosing a wedding photographer. 

So, the first sub-question to Ask when asking how to choose a wedding photographer is whether or not you **LOVE** their photos

sees the world differently
shoots differently
approaches moments differently
lights differently
edits differently
thinks about weddings differently

Every Photographer...

Do I love this photographer's photos?

The Wedding Photos

Also Check out: Questions to ask your wedding photographer Before booking

Look on their website and google and places like the Knot and WeddingWire to find reviews. See what stood out to their past couples about them and how they work. Be on the lookout for reviews that talk about things beyond just the quality of images. Did couples enjoy the experience in addition to the photos?


Depending on how you structure your wedding day timeline, you may even end up spending more time around your wedding photographer than you do around your partner, so don't book anyone who gets on your nerves!

Think about how you want your photographer to interact with you and your friends and family on the wedding day (and before and after the wedding day too). Are they professional? Funny? Kind? Are they a calming presence? Are they organized? Are they a good communicator?

you will see a lot of the wedding photographer on your wedding day...

Do I like this photographer as a person? 

The Wedding Photographer

We may be a *little* biased, but we think photography should be a top priority. After all, as I noted above, photos are how you capture the incredible memories you're going to be making. The best photographers get photos of moments you don't even realize are happening.

So, yes, you should definitely think about your budget before booking your wedding photographer, but think about how valuable these memories will be to you and your family. At the end of the day, if there's any item to splurge on for the wedding, it's photography.


Do I see the value? 

The Value (and price tag)

and if the right wedding photographer is Kivus & Camera...

If the anser to all three of those questions is yes, then...

you've found the right wedding photographer!

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