Behind the cameras



He has a delightfully sarcastic wit.
He good-naturedly teases his loved ones (especially me).
He’s fiercely loyal and caring.
He’s wicked smaht (and hails from New England).
He cheers loudly for Clemson.
He started writing in notebooks to cut back on screen-time and that led (quite quickly) to collecting fountain pens!
He's an introvert.
One time, he dislocated his shoulder and he just popped it back in himself.
He’s an Apple fanboy, former programmer, and the Kivus & Camera tech support team.
His #1 movie is The Two Towers.
 He's an intellectual property litigator AND runs the best site on the internet:
Rope Drop [dot] Net.
He’s really really ridiculously good-looking, but knows there’s more to life than just that.

He’s my favorite person in any universe and he makes me laugh every day.


Let me tell you About my
best friend


About me: I was a divorce attorney.
I had brain surgery.
I became a wedding photographer.

I still have the same brain, just minus a tumor.
That sort of thing resets a person's priorities, and it solidified my desire to stop practicing law and return to my roots as a photojournalist, this time documenting the pure magic and joy of love stories.   

Here are some things I really love:
ASOIAF (Winds of Winter will be here soon?), the Broken Earth trilogy, Carolina Basketball, Chapel Hill, chocolate, Disney World, double IPAs, dresses (bonus points for pockets), Durham, elephants, french fries, gin drinks, John Kivus, the MCU, naps, photography, prestige TV, puppies, Raleigh, shady spots on sunny days, Star Wars, The Stormlight Archive series, thunderstorms, true crime stories, weddings, Wes Anderson movies
oh, and alphabetical lists ;-)


So Who talks first?
you talk first? I talk first?

Craft beer is DELICIOUS, but high in calories. 
Running is TERRIBLE, but it's great cardio.
Beer + Running = Balance

*It's okay if you're not a beer person or if you actually enjoy running, we can still be friends!

Beer & running

We're enthusiastic About

Elyssa is a double Tar Heel. John is a Clemson Tiger but cheers for UNC too (his grad school) because otherwise Elyssa would be sad.

Don't worry, we've happily (and peacefully) photographed weddings for rival fans. Everyone deserves beautiful images!

College sports

We're Enthusiastic about

Fandom means being super passionate about some particular thing. There are movie fans, wine fans, football fans, Broadway fans, etc.
We're fans of lots of things, especially of being nerdy wedding photographers, and we love hearing other people get excited about their fandom(s).

Being fans

We're enthusiastic about

Y'all are awesome and beautiful!!
Every one of you is lovely and it brings me so much joy to capture that beauty in photographic form.

We love being Raleigh wedding photographers (& Durham wedding photographers, & Chapel Hill wedding photographers, etc. etc.! We love NC weddings)

Our clients

We're enthusiastic About