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August 10, 2018

Downtown Durham Elopement Portraits

Downtown Durham Elopement Silhouette Durham SkylineDowntown Durham Elopement portraits for Haley & Bryan

The actual downtown Durham elopement happened a few weeks ago when Haley & Bryan walked to the courthouse from their condo (living downtown is magical!), but we’ve been waiting for the sun to come out for some portraits to commemorate the marriage. And boy, did we get some fun, vivid portraits! These two ooze love for each other and their happiness is seriously contagious. We started a little before sunset, and managed mostly clear skies on Tuesday, but didn’t escape the rain entirely, as it started while we finished up over our beer at Motorco. At that point we were safe under cover though and we got the colorful beauty we were after.

Here are the newlyweds (and their pups for the first couple shots).

Downtown Durham Elopement

That first balcony with the puppers is Haley & Bryan’s. The next spot is the condo’s community balcony which has an AMAZING view of the city skyline. And see, the sun totally made its presence known. Elope in Downtown Durham

I love the image on the right below, they are emperors of the Bull City. Downtown Durham Elopement

After some shots at their condo, it was time to head into downtown Durham proper. I loved that you could see where we were headed next from the balcony. EVERYTHING THE LIGHT TOUCHES IS YOURS Y’ALL.

Anyway, these next couple images are something a little fun that I’ve been playing around with! The super cool MagBeam with patterns – we turned a blah wall at the Durham Convention Center into a purple sunburst!MagMod Portraits

And since we were at The Carolina Theatre, we of course got some shots with the neon sign. It’s a Durham staple, and Haley & Bryan are tried and true Durham-ites. The Carolina Theatre Engagement Photos

The next stop was Geer Street Garden, where we hung out with their ivy (? kudzu? I don’t know anything about plants) covered sign…Geer Street Garden Engagement Photos

… and a walk around the corner to Motorco where these two met <heart eye emoji>MagMod Portraits, Downtown Durham Engagement, Downtown Durham Elopement Motorco Durham Engagement Photos, Motorco Wedding Photography

It’s always great to end the night with a beer. A pair of Hoppyums for the Happyums (that was a terrible joke, but I like it, so that’s what matters). Motorco Durham Engagement Photos, Motorco Wedding Photography

Congrats Haley & Bryan!! Thanks so much for hanging out with us and being so photogenic 😀

Speaking of Motorco – y’all can catch me there Sunday for The Love Party Wedding Expo. If you’re planning on getting married and having a fun, probably a little nontraditional, wedding, then this is absolutely the show for you. It’s at Motorco from 1 to 4 on Sunday, August 12. You can find more info and RSVP here.

That’s it for me today, as I’ve got to change and head to Marbles for Kaleigh & Nick’s wedding!! Yay!