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Your wedding photos should be too.

We here at Kivus & Camera are a little offbeat, and we love when our couples have ideas that are a little offbeat too. This list includes some of our favorite offbeat Raleigh engagement photo locations, but we've also got a list of more "traditional" engagement photo location ideas, and a list of engagement photo locations we like in the greater Triangle area.

One extra note, certain locations require permits and/or reservations, so make sure to check with us about that as we finalize your engagement photo session!

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The NC State Fair

I LOVE THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE FAIR. Sorry, but that just has to be in all caps. There's so much color, tons of people-watching, crazy rides, games, and all the fried food you can imagine. If you're game for the chaos, this is one of the most fun engagement locations there is. The caveat of course is that the fair only runs for a limited amount of time. If there's a good local fair though, that can be a similar vibe.  

For inspiration, check out Sarah & Josh at the NC State Fair.

A Barcade

A barcade, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a bar plus an arcade. They started to become popular as the kids who spent their childhoods in mall arcades reached adulthood. What more can you want than skeeball and a local draught beer? Or Mortal Kombat plus a whiskey sour? For the couple who loves to have fun together (and is maybe just a tad competitive) this is a fantastic option. Boxcar Bar + Arcade has locations in Raleigh and Durham, and Carrboro has the Baxter. 

For inspiration, check out Lindsay & Matt and Allison & Chris.

The Movie Theater

I've always loved movies, and in high school I worked at a movie theater. A lot of people get disillusioned by their first jobs, seeing behind the scenes, etc., but not me. Movie theaters are still one of my favorite places to spend time. The Alamo Drafthouse in Raleigh is one of the best movie theaters around too. It makes for a great location for engagement photos for movie-lovers. 

For inspiration, check out Renee & Kyle's Alamo Drafthouse engagement session.

Your House/Apartment

More of a homebody? True believer that home is where the heart is? There's no rule that says you can't have your engagement photos at your house or apartment. Think about it, it's a spot where you're comfortable, you've chosen the decor, your closet's right there for outfit changes, AND you don't have to drive. So if your favorite activity as a couple is snuggling on the couch for your favorite shows, or playing a boardgame at your kitchen table, then let's capture that!

For inspiration, check out Stephanie & Roscoe and Allison & Chris.

A favorite date activity

I like to tell our couples to think of the engagement session as a date night that a photographer just happened to crash. Your engagement session is meant to be fun and show off who the two of you are as individuals and as a couple. So think about the things you like to do for dates. We've already covered some options like movies and barcades, but outdoor activities are good too. Most anything you can think of could make for awesome photos.

For inspiration, check out CJ & Alex's paddle board engagement photos.

Someplace Meaningful to you

Where did you meet? Where was your first date? Where did you get engaged? I bet you know the answer to all of those because those are big, significant moments! And those places are special. Locations that have a special meaning to you as a couple are a fantastic option, and even if it's something like a bar or restaurant, don't rule it out! You'd be surprised how welcoming most businesses are as long as we're not getting in the way of them doing their jobs. 

For inspiration, check out Claire & Greg's engagement session where we stopped by Gravy, the site of their first date. 

Get Messy!

Okay, this last one isn't a location, it's more of a fun idea that I'd love to do again. Get colorful! Get dirty! Make a mess! The session I'm linking to below included colored powder and I am all about color. I'd love to photograph a couple painting together or cooking together too though. What about squirt guns or paint ball? I am so here for whatever crazy ideas you come up with. 

For inspiration, check out CJ & Alex and their color powder

We believe that love is bright and colorful and your wedding photographs should be bright and colorful too.

Kivus & Camera are Raleigh Wedding photographers who create bold, colorful, magical memories of your wedding day with beautiful, artistic portraits AND enthusiastic, genuine moments. Your unique love story deserves to be told through unforgettable, breath-taking photographs that stand out from the crowd. Kivus & Camera love creating that magic. After all, as past bride Courtney says, we’re photography sorcerers.

Also, while we call ourselves Raleigh wedding photographers, we definitely photograph Durham weddings, Chapel Hill weddings, Cary weddings, etc. We’re all over the Triangle area, and we’re happy to head to the beach or mountains and even to places outside of North Carolina! Just let us know where your love story is headed. 

Want to know more? Check out more of our images or learn more about our nerdy selves or just send us a note! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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