November 7, 2018

Chapel Hill Engagement – Geek Love!

Chapel Hill Engagement

Stephanie & Roscoe’s Nerdy Chapel Hill Engagement Session

I love Chapel Hill engagement photos, I love the opportunity to play in the rain, I love nerdy things, and I love cats, so this was a pretty great way to spend an engagement session. Roscoe & Stephanie live in Chapel Hill while Stephanie works in her residency, so we started outside in my favorite town. Shortly after sunset it rained on us a tad, but we made the most of it and then headed back to their place for board games, video games, and drinks. What better way to spend an evening? 

I’m looking forward to spending the day with them for their wedding in May. Shout out to Beauty & The Budget Events – Stephanie Milosh is helping them plan what is sure to be an excellent day at the 21C in Durham (I hope we can get some shots in the vault!)

Here’s a little peek at their engagement session – I think you’ll get a good feel for their fun personalities too!

Chapel Hill Engagement Chapel Hill Engagement

I love staying out after sunset and getting those deep blue skies! But in this case the deep blue skies also brought a brief rainstorm.Chapel Hill Engagement

Back at Stephanie & Roscoe’s place, I got to meet the handsome Dany, and then watched them set up the cooperative board game Pandemic. Keep scrolling for a look at their epic game wall.  Nerdy Engagement Nerdy Engagement

they also played some MarioKart (LOVE!)
Nerdy Engagement

Cheers to a fun evening and being in love!


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