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January 27, 2019

Raleigh Backyard Wedding

Raleigh Backyard Wedding

James & Lindsey’s Backyard Wedding

These newlyweds are from New Orleans, so I didn’t get a chance to meet them in real life (IRL, if you will) until the day of the wedding. But meet them I did, and they are just as delightful in person as they are over Skype. Their small backyard wedding ceremony on Friday was absolute perfection.

When I arrived at the venue, which was a friend’s beautiful home near Five Points in Raleigh, James was finishing up writing out his vows and setting up his video equipment to record the ceremony. Lindsey was waiting upstairs in a gorgeous long sleeved gown. The sky was perfectly blue and everyone was counting down the minutes until the ceremony.

The ceremony started at 4:44, which was a lovely touch, and also meant the light was amazingly beautiful throughout. Moments before being married:

Raleigh Backyard Wedding

James’ face as Lindsey came down the stairs to the lawn!!
Raleigh Backyard Wedding

Isn’t this a gorgeous setting for a wedding?Raleigh Backyard Wedding Raleigh Backyard Wedding Raleigh Backyard Wedding

After sealing their vows with a kiss and giant smiles, we made a few portraits before heading up to join everyone in the house. Raleigh Backyard Wedding

After a few group photos, James & Lindsey shared their first married dance under market lights.Raleigh Backyard Wedding Raleigh Backyard Wedding

Sometimes, adorable nieces crash the dance floor and try to steal your spotlight. Raleigh Backyard Wedding

After parent dances, everyone moved in to the dining room for toasts and dinner. Raleigh Backyard Wedding

Lindsey’s dad had the whole room in stitches with his speech about the velveteen rabbit, which he (and others) interrupted with tangents countless times. I love a good dad speech and that was one of the best. Raleigh Backyard Wedding

Lindsey’s sisters gave a toast and a blessing and we scooted out to let them all celebrate over dinner.
Congratulations and thank you so much for having us!

And also, special thanks to Jessica Berkowitz for helping me out on this most excellent backyard wedding.