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October 20, 2016

Downtown Raleigh Bridal Portraits

Annalise’s Haywood Hall Bridal Portraits

I’m working on the layout for Annalise and Stephen’s wedding album and it reminded me how stunning Annalise is in her dress. We captured these bridal portraits in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina at Haywood Hall and Gardens. This is really one of my favorite places to photograph in Raleigh and I think it’s perfect for engagement photographs and weddings too (ceremonies and receptions). For this bridal portrait session, we started off in the garden area, but a little bit of summer rain drove us inside before too long. With the dark skies not giving us much window light, we got creative with the lighting (and antique furniture) inside. Without further ado, look at this lady:

Raleigh bride in garden Bride with red lip Bridal Portraits at Haywood Hall

I really enjoy shooting bridal portraits and definitely encourage any bride thinking about having a portrait session before the wedding to go for it! Bridal portraits are a great opportunity for your hair and makeup trial and it really does help to practice walking/sitting/kneeling/etc. in your dress. In addition to that, there is significantly less pressure on the timeline during a portrait session than there is on the wedding day. If you still need more incentive, the bridal portrait session will help you become more comfortable in front of the camera, and you’ll feel like a pro when wedding day portraits come along.

Bridal portraits give us a great opportunity for artistic photography too. Check out the lighting in the image below to see what I mean. I captured this in broad daylight not even five minutes after the above photo. Isn’t her dress amazing?!? Lace and buttons <3<3<3

Lace back dress silhouette

And here we go inside to the paintings and antiques…
Southern Bride at Haywood Hall Haywood Hall Bridal Portrait I love this blue couch at Haywood Hall! It always gives a great pop of color.
Antique Couch Bridal Portrait Cute Bridal Portrait Bridal Portrait Couch Beautiful Eyes Here’s where we got a little dramatic. Annalise has an amazing profile, right?Dramatic Bridal Portrait Dramatic Bridal Portrait Dramatic Bridal Portrait

We did make it out onto the upstairs porch too and I love the look of these in the after-rain glow:Southern Bride Lace neckline Bride on southern porchBlack and White Bridal Portrait

I’ll be blogging their wedding soon too so keep your eyes open! Annalise and Stephen work as attorneys in Raleigh but got married in Kinston, where we had a blast with them and their friends and families.

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