November 10, 2016

NC State Engagement Photography in the Rain

Jacky & Ashton’s Rainy NC State Engagement Photography Session

We had an NC State engagement photography session in the pouring rain when Hurricane Matthew came through Raleigh. Photos can still be amazing despite rain!

This adorable pair wanted to do their engagement session at NC State and we had a blast despite inclement weather. Jacky & Ashton are TOTAL TROOPERS. We had their session scheduled for the day a literal hurricane was coming through Raleigh, and we were all anxiously watching the weather in the few days before. We woke to pouring rain and a good amount of wind, but Jacky & Ashton were game to still meet as planned. We started out staying dry at NC State’s Talley Student Union but then they were willing to go play in the rain with me by the Free Expression Tunnel. These photos are a perfect example of why a little bit of rain (or even A LOT of rain) isn’t going to ruin your engagement session or wedding day. We can get incredible photos in the rain – scroll to the bottom to check those out!

Jacky-Ashton-2 NC State Engagement Photography Jacky-Ashton-5

Up to the next couple floors for some birds eye views at the NC State Seal in the floor of the union.NC State Engagement Photography Jacky-Ashton-7 Jacky-Ashton-11 Jacky-Ashton-13 Jacky-Ashton-15NC State Engagement Photography

Flashing the bling AND representing the Wolfpack. NC State Engagement Photography NC State Engagement Photography Jacky-Ashton-30 Jacky-Ashton-32 Jacky-Ashton-33 Jacky-Ashton-34

Here’s the first glimpse at the weather we were dealing with. The rain was starting to pool on this open air walkway and the wind was definitely picking up by this time, but the lovebirds still have smiles 🙂Jacky-Ashton-38

Back inside, we found this cool round hall area with a staircase, red walls, and amazing skylight. Jacky-Ashton-39 Jacky-Ashton-44 NC State Union skylight

Finally here’s my favorite part of the day – ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS IN THE RAIN. Do not let weather get you down! Rainy engagement photos are unique and unforgettable. Plus it’s a great excuse to snuggle up as you dry. These two drew their initials and wedding date on their umbrella so the rain photos could serve as a Save The Date. I think they turned out awesome (if I do say so myself) so check it out:
That Light Tho Jacky-Ashton-52 Jacky-Ashton-55 Jacky-Ashton-57 Rain Engagement Session NC State Engagement Photography Hurricane Matthew Engagement Free Expression Tunnel Engagement Free Expression Tunnel

And that’s a wrap. Way to go Jacky & Ashton! Thanks for being willing to get a little wet in the name of art 🙂 We can’t wait for your wedding!

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