Frequently Asked Questions

let's Answer Some

Are you an inclusive wedding vendor? 
Will you photograph LGBTQIA weddings?

This is not actually a question I’m asked frequently, because I try to make the "yes" obvious, but I want it at the top of the FAQ page because it’s important to me that you know I celebrate you and your love.

Can we see a full gallery?

Yes, for sure! I tend to attract couples who include awesomely distinctive, and often unrepeatable, things at their wedding so no two weddings are ever the same, but I am always happy to share full galleries. 

How much do you charge for wedding photography?

Maybe the MOST frequently asked question. At the moment, base collections for single day affairs range from $4,500 to $6,400.  Most couples end up with a custom collection that suits their needs though. Send me a note below so we can chat and figure out what fits y'all!

Do you charge for travel?

That depends on where we’re going! I’m based in Raleigh, NC, so anything within a 100 mile radius of Raleigh would not have a travel fee. Beyond that, there would be a fee based on any needed hotel and/or transportation like airfare or rental car.

Can we meet you before we book?

This is a definite yes. In fact, I almost never book a wedding without meeting the couple beforehand. In many cases we meet via a video chat, but I like to get together over a cocktail/beer/coffee/bev. of choice in person whenever possible. It’s important that we get along and I want to meet you just as much as you want to meet me!

Do you offer a second photographer?

Yes! In fact, for all of my base collections a second photographer is included. I think it makes a pretty big difference because we can divide and conquer getting ready and have multiple angles for all of the important moments.

Read more about having a second photographer here. 

Do you offer engagement photos?

YEP! I also offer wedding boudoir which is fun and makes for a great wedding gift. 

More about engagement photos!

More about boudoir!

Do you offer albums or other printed products?

Another yep! I really, really, really want you to print your photos! Albums are included in all of the Kivus & Camera base collections. Holding the story of your wedding day in your hands is an entirely different feeling than clicking through an online gallery. Sitting on the couch with a loved one and an album is so much better than sending them a link. When we get together, I’ll have sample albums to show you. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase wall art, prints from a professional lab, and other photo products through your online gallery.

There’s no obligation to purchase anything in your gallery though. You’ll be able to download hi-res files and order prints on your own if you’d like. 

We're awkward in front of the camera. How will we do portraits?

I got you!!! My superpower is creating incredible portraits of people regardless of how “photogenic” they think they are. Easily 90% of the people you see on this website and the Kivus & Camera social media have said something along the lines of “I’m not good at having my photo taken,” but look at them! They’re all basically models now. Because my job is to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and then I can bring out your best! And honestly, on the wedding day, you’ll be floating too much to be worried about feeling awkward. It will be great! Trust me, I’m a pro.

We see a lot of awesome real moments in your portfolio, along with artistic and creative portraits. Do you photograph stuff like family photos on the wedding day? 

Definitely. This is what a lot of photographers call formals. We'll work together during the planning process to build the list of must-have family and wedding party group photos. 

They are only formal in the sense that they are posed and everyone is looking at the camera (as opposed to candid, documentary shots). I’’ll share example group photo lists and walk through yours with you before the wedding day to make sure we’ve set aside the right amount of time after the first look and/or after the ceremony.

What about stuff like our wedding rings? Do you photograph that?

Yes! I want to document as many details of your wedding day as I can to tell the full story, and those little pieces are part of what makes your wedding awesome. We’ll talk in advance of the wedding about special details you've picked out and how you want to prioritize those shots.

What if <<<insert worst-case scenario situation here>>> happens? (bad weather, sickness, something breaks, there's a global pandemic that puts life on hold for years, etc...)

Those are all reasons to hire true professionals for your wedding day. I have systems in place to deal with whatever comes up. And backup systems in place. And backups for those backups. It's really backups all the way down. And yes, I’m definitely licensed and insured. But if there’s a particular worst-case scenario you’re worried about, let me know and we’ll walk through it!

Why should we hire **you**? 

Because I'm awesome and I really, really love photographing weddings. 

Serious answer: you should hire me if, and only if, you love the photos you see from me AND you wouldn't hate me being around all day at your wedding. Because you deserve to have photos you love, and you also deserve to have a photographer who doesn't annoy you (or your friends and family).

I like to think all that really matters is that I'm a kind human and that I make photos you like, but I'll also point out that I have over a decade of experience working as a professional photographer (almost all of that in weddings), and I'm simultaneously organized and good at going with the flow. 

See also: What happens between booking and the wedding?

What happens between booking and the wedding? 

Engagement photos and/or bridal boudoir if you’ve opted for that. But also, communication! I love to provide guidance throughout the process. I am NOT the photographer who gets hired and then doesn’t communicate again until 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

You’ll hear from me regularly (starting with an epic welcome guide in the mail), and I’m always happy to provide tips and answer any questions, whether they’re related to photography, wedding planning in general, or even deep philosophical questions about the nature of human existence.

I cap the number of weddings I take each year so that I can give you the attention you deserve. That, in turn, helps me give you the beautiful photographs you deserve. Because if you feel prepared and organized, all that will be left to do is have a fantastic time, and when you two are having fun on the wedding day, the amazing photos come naturally.

Do you know any good <<<insert vendor type here>>>?

Why yes, I do! I call those my FRIENDORS. Planners, DJs, bands, florists, hair & makeup artists, officiants, even live painters and other fun entertainment. Tell me what kind of vendor you're looking for and I'll point you in the right direction!

How much time do we need for wedding photos? 

I've found that 10 hours is the sweet spot for most western weddings, but every wedding is truly different and every couple has different priorities. I've had coverage time as short as 2 hours (courthouse weddings) and as long as 3 and a half days.

A lot of the tips I’ll share with you between booking and the wedding have to do with developing your timeline. I’ll share samples and I’m always happy to help y’all figure out what works best for your specific day(s). We’ll talk through things like the sunset time, how many group photos you want to do, how you want to prioritize certain events/moments, etc.

When will we get our photos?

You'll see a preview within a week after the wedding typically. The fully edited gallery will be online about 8-10 weeks later. I'll also keep you updated about where I am in the process. 

How do we get our photos?

Via an easy-to-use online gallery that allows you to download your images and includes a print shop with awesome products. I also recommend you read this post all about backing up your photos yourself!

How do we book? 

You say pretty please! And then I’ll send you a booking link, where you’ll be prompted to sign the contract and pay a retainer fee. That can be card, check, or cash. John says I can’t accept payment in the form of puppies though.