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January 28, 2024

Bridal Boudoir in Raleigh, North Carolina

woman poses wrapped in a lace wedding veil during her bridal boudoir session | photos by Triangle Boudoir

Is Bridal Boudoir for you?

Simple answer: yes definitely, bridal boudoir is for you if you have made it to this page.

But maybe not for the reason you think.

If you came across this page, you’re probably thinking that boudoir photos are the perfect wedding gift for the person you’re about to marry. And you are completely correct. Your almost-spouse is going to LOVE seeing photos of you because they love you (and I know they think you’re sexy as hell).

But the main reason bridal boudoir is for you is because you deserve a wedding gift too, and boudoir is nothing if not a gift to yourself (and your past self and your future self).

Ms. S had this to say after her session:

“I booked a session so I could give an album to my fiancĂ© as a wedding present. Seeing the final images of myself, *I* received a gift, too: confidence, happiness, disbelief at what I could look like through the lens of an artist. Thank you Elyssa!”

Another gorgeous badass told me after her wedding that she thinks she looks at her photos just as much as her partner does. It’s truly a common theme. The photos are fun to give, but the experience is all about you!!!

So don’t hesitate! Book your bridal boudoir session today and get a wedding gift that you will both love.

Don’t forget all of my boudoir sessions include hair and makeup from the amazing team at Wedded Kiss.

When should you book a bridal boudoir session?

Assuming you want to have an album and/or some prints to give on, or just before, the wedding day, you should book your Triangle Boudoir session for no later than six weeks before the wedding. We’ll schedule your image reveal 7-10 days after the session, and then you’ll want to ensure there is enough time for the products to ship. If your wedding is around the holidays, you should have your bridal boudoir session more like 8-10 weeks before the wedding.

<3 Elyssa

Here are some more gorgeous photos from bridal sessions:

black and white photograph of a woman in a lace and satin mini dress with a veil | photo by Triangle Boudoir

If you’re wearing a veil, that’s the perfect accessory for your boudoir session, and of course your engagement ring, but your wedding shoes and some bubbly are great too!!

photo shows the legs of a woman in white satin and heels curled up on a purple velvet couch. she is holding a bottle of champagne and an engagement ring is featured prominently | bridal boudoir photography from Triangle Boudoir

While all of these photos feature gorgeous badasses in white, you don’t have to stick to that – all of these women had multiple outfits.

close up of the torso of a woman with curly hair wearing a white lace set and wrapped in a wedding veil | photo by triangle boudoir

Already married? You can still make your boudoir session wedding-y if you want! There are no rules that say you can’t put your wedding accessories back on for an anniversary.

bridal boudoir portrait of a woman in a white lace lingerie set | photo by Triangle Boudoir by Kivus & Camera

You can definitely wear the rest of your wedding jewelry too! If you have your wedding ring already, feel free to wear it along with your engagement ring.

photo of a woman's hand with an engagement ring and a wedding veil | Triangle Boudoir by Kivus & Camera

Triangle Boudoir by Kivus & Camera is a Raleigh boudoir photography studio with a mission to help women see and love themselves as the gorgeous badasses they are. Trans women are women.