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February 20, 2024

Who are the best Raleigh DJs for your wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding is the reception and having a one of these Raleigh DJs on the music for your wedding reception is a surefire way to get your people on the dance floor!

Nothing is sadder than an empty dance floor, especially if the couple would prefer people dancing. Experienced DJs in Raleigh know all the right ways to get your guests moving. Once they start the party, it won’t stop until you want it to (or the venue says it’s time).

Before we get the list of the best DJs, another question to answer:

Lighting from your Raleigh DJs? Worth it?

Do you want colorful wedding photos and a lovely ambiance at your reception? Then yes, investing in colorful uplighting is completely worth it. Special lighting is how we can get the super energetic, colorful dance floor images so many of our couples love. I believe everyone I’ve listed below offers lighting packages as well, and some venues even offer it now, so go for it!

man with a beer in his hand dances at a wedding with bright pink and purple uplighting all around him | photo by Kivus & Camera

All Around Raleigh DJ

Eric from All Around Raleigh DJs smiles behind his DJ booth at a wedding | photo by Kivus & Camera

Eric is one of the most welcoming people I’ve met in the industry. He has a way of making everyone feel like they are his top priority. He’s also got a good eye for hiring and managing a team so you can’t really go wrong with an All Around Raleigh DJ working your wedding.

Check them out here.

Bunn DJ Company – DJs in Raleigh and beyond

Mark from Bunn DJ Company smiles behind his DJ booth at a wedding in Raleigh | photo by Kivus & Camera

Joe Bunn might be the name you hear most when asking for Raleigh DJs. That’s not Joe above though, that’s Mark McNally. The Bunn team is a veritable army of incredible DJs in Raleigh and several other cities. We haven’t had the opportunity to work with everyone at Bunn DJ Co, but the ones we have always make sure the dance floor is going all night!

Check them out here.

DJ Ones

A newlywed couple is surrounded by friends and family on the dance floor at the end of the night | photo by Kivus & Camera

When your DJ manages to get this many people on your dance floor for a photo at the VERY END of a looooooong night, you know those people were having a great time. Founder Erick is the best and one of my favorite things about his team are the women. DJ-ing is a pretty male dominated industry, so it makes me happy to see a badass woman like Ava below spinning at a wedding.

Ava from Raleigh's DJ Ones smiles behind her DJ booth at a wedding | photo by Kivus & Camera

Check them out here.

JD Silverthorne

Raleigh DJ JD Silverthorne smiles behind his DJ booth at a wedding | photo by Kivus & Camera

I love JD because he loves 90s music and that means he is a good person. I don’t make the rules! We haven’t had the opportunity to work together that often, but I am definitely hoping that changes!

Check him out here.

McSound Productions

Brian from McSound Productions smiles behind his DJ booth at a wedding | photo by Kivus & Camera

Brian was the DJ at my and John’s wedding a decade ago! He’s so great to work with, and knows how to read the room better than just about anyone. He can get every guest from the ring bearer to grandma on the floor. Bonus: he loves Carolina Basketball almost as much as I do!

Check him out here.

SPIN Entertainment – Raleigh DJs

Photo from behind a SPIN DJ booth shows the turntables and people dancing at the wedding reception. | photo by Kivus & Camera

Something that sets the SPIN DJs apart is their style. These guys are just cool. You know what I mean? Like velvet loafers, blazers that no one else could pull off, always at ease kind of cool. They’re also obviously professional and really good at their jobs (they wouldn’t be on this list if that weren’t the case), but cool is the icing on the cake.

Check them out here.

Stylus Weddings SE

Raleigh DJ Jason from Stylus Weddings poses a question to a wedding guest during an anniversary dance | photo by Kivus and Camera

Nerdy Kivus & Camera couples, listen up! Jason and I first bonded talking Star Wars and this guy knows his stuff. And not just Star Wars nerd stuff. He really knows DJ stuff, and lighting stuff, and emcee stuff, and photo booth stuff. He’s great at all of it!

Check them out here.

There you have it! Some of the best Raleigh DJs for your wedding. Can’t wait to see one of them keeping your dance floor going for hours!

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