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May 13, 2021

Kivii Life – Kivii Condo Before Pics

Kivii Condo Before Pics

Have you thought to yourself:

  • I wonder if Elyssa would like real estate photography
  • I wonder how dirty Elyssa lets her sensor get
  • I wonder what the Kivii’s new condo looks like

If you’ve ever wondered any of those things, then this is the post for you!! And if you’ve wondered all 3 then YOU’RE WELCOME. And spoiler alert: I don’t like real estate photography. Scroll all the way to the bottom for an example of how dirty I let my sensor get. I am ashamed and won’t let it happen again. It’s now a monthly task instead of a quarterly task.

But if you’re here it’s probably not for the first two. It’s probably because you find me (or John) interesting enough to be curious about our ridiculous Kivii life. But yeah, we bought a condo! Closed on it at the end of April but we won’t be moving in until probably the first week of July. It’s in downtown Raleigh – less than a mile from where we live now and we are STOKED.

We’re not moving in right away because (a) it didn’t have all the functioning appliances we need and (b) we’re redoing a few things, don’t particularly want to live there while that’s happening.

And now, without further ado – the before pics!!!

This kitchen is getting redone – all new appliances (and a less Jetsons-y range hood), new counter, paint on the cabinets, etc.

That’s that delicious 2gb google fiber set up in the corner on a box table for now. I’m thinking a bar area will be there and the modem will hang out with the spirits.

Are you thinking, “it’s kinda weird that the oven and microwave are over there?” Me too! And they won’t be. That little set up will turn into a coat closet, the broken range will be replaced with a slide in so the oven will actually be IN the kitchen.

We might add more furniture to the living room. TBD.

That giant drapery is going – anyone need loads of fabric?

This will be the office, with outdoor dining availability on the balcony.

Office/guest bathroom. Fully redoing the bathrooms isn’t in the cards right now, but there will be some superficial changes for sure.

Office/guest closet. My friend Lynda is helping me do custom closets and it’s literally what my dreams are made of. I can’t wait to show the afters for these.

And now, let’s head past the weird oven area to go upstairs!!

You can see I started to get a little lazier about my spot removal. Just wait til I share one at the end without any spots removed.

We have two exterior doors. So if I’m ever REALLY, REALLY tired, I can walk out the downstairs door and go use the building elevator to go upstairs one flight.

Hall closet & washer dryer across from one another in second floor entry area.

Loft space that will probably have yoga mats and weights just out permanently. If we were cycling people, this would be the perfect spot for our Peleoton commercial

Help a girl out: suggest to John that we put a spiral slide in from the loft to the living room!

Master bedroom! Do you like that daisy chandelier? It can be yours! Just say the word!

Master closet is tiny so Lynda really had her work cut out for her. We’re gonna make the most of the space though.

Master bath. If we stay here for a while, that tile will eventually go for sure. And probably some other changes.

It’s ya girl!

and dun dun dun a photo with no spot removal done. I’M FULLY ASHAMED. I can’t believe I let it get that bad. I blame Covid.


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