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August 21, 2017

The Kivii Life – Turning 30

On turning 30

Turning 30 is one of those life events that seems like a BIG. DEAL. I wonder if the people perpetuating that message about turning 30 also believe that high school truly includes the best day’s of one’s life. I don’t know about y’all, but while I didn’t HATE high school, I certainly don’t consider it the highlight of my life so far.
Anyway, I’m 30 (plus 3 days!) and and it doesn’t feel daunting or depressing or dull. It feels great.
Turning 30, Asheville wedding photographers touring breweries

Kivus & Camera team-building exercises at New Belgium’s East Coast Brewing Center

Here I am in a new decade. To celebrate, here’s a list of 15 reasons I’m happy, plus 15 related life lessons:
I am a full-time photographer, doing the thing I fell in love with more than 15 years ago.It’s okay to chase your dreams, but it helps to plan the route and take things slow so you don’t crash and burn.
My favorite person smiles at me every day and I get to smile back.Marriage is the best job ever if you’re dedicated to it.
I stopped practicing law, because I recognized it wasn’t right for me anymore. Just because you paid for a degree doesn’t mean you have to use it the way most people do.
There’s a hole in my brain.Cancer happens and you do what you can.
A bunch of my friends spent the weekend in Asheville with me (more from that trip soon!)The family you choose is just as important as the family you’re born with.
I had chocolate for breakfast this morning.Everything in moderation. Even moderation.
My self-confidence is growing (read: I’m only insecure and anxious 17 hours a day.)Everyone is a work in progress and even the seemingly most self-assured people struggle with confidence.
I don’t have any guilty pleasures. Don’t be ashamed of liking something. Unless you like murdering people. Then you *should* be ashamed. Stop murdering people.
My friends are killing it professionally and personally, and I’m proud/lucky to call them friends.Being surrounded by people you respect and admire will make you a better person. It’s science.
I got to pet some dogs this weekend.Dogs are the best.
I interact with tons of amazing millennials on a regular basis, and I’m impressed by the generation coming after us, whatever their nickname is.Millennials get a lot of heat for stupid reasons. As people age, they seem to forget that at one point they were the “kids these days.” I am making a concentrated effort to understand the generations that come after me and the context of the world they’re handed.
Basketball season is almost here.Uh… basketball is also the best?
Rey & Finn have another movie coming!Representation matters.
I’m starting to feel comfortable saying no without inventing an excuse.There won’t be enough time in life to do all the things you feel like you have to do, let alone all the things you want to do. Prioritizing (and being honest with yourself about your priorities) is the only way to avoid feeling constantly overwhelmed. You’ll still feel overwhelmed sometimes, but saying no to things that aren’t a priority should help minimize your stress level.
I feel more in control of my life than I ever have before. Turning 30 is awesome.


I’m thirty and feeling great. For my birthday, I gave Kivus & Camera a new website! 

Don’t know if y’all noticed, but we have a new web presence. I wanted to inject more of who John & I are into the Kivus & Camera site. We like to have fun and I wanted to make that clear. Click around and get to know us. Start with the Meet the Kivii page. 
One star of the redesign is the shiny new logo (get it?) which ties my love of The Little Prince and baby blue with John’s love of Captain America and clean design. 
Kivus & Camera Star Logo
What do you think? (about turning 30, the website, my life lessons, the latest season of Game of Thrones, Hailee Steinfeld’s AMAZING “Most Girls”, whatever – tell me what you think!)
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