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January 6, 2017

Carolina Inn Wedding PARTY – Emily & Chris

Chris & Emily’s Carolina Inn Wedding PARTY

This Carolina Inn wedding was So. Much. Fun. When I say “wedding party” in the post title, I don’t mean the bridesmaids & groomsmen, I mean that these two and their friends and family threw down. It was raining pretty much the whole day, but look at the smiles on everyone. The rain didn’t phase them at all. They weren’t even worried about scrapping the plans for a formal exit. They just kept dancing on through midnight! Brian from McSound Productions kept the party going like he always does. He was the DJ at John & I’s wedding, so I obviously think he’s amazing :-).

Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite photos:
Bride Under veil Carolina Inn raining

This is a bride who thought of every detail! Of course she had the white robe with Bride on the back, but her phone case even said Marry Me! And she had a pedicure that spelled out “MRS.”Carolina Inn bride prep

Emily’s face in this next one is so sweet to me. She and her girls were all smiles for 99% of the prep time, but at one point someone said out loud that she was about to marry the man of her dreams. This is Emily doing her absolute best not to cry as the surge of emotion overwhelms her.  Black and White bride prep

I adore the color palette for her bridesmaids dresses. I also love the trend of doing a first look with your bridesmaids. They are going to go ga-ga and you’ll feel super confident!blush and champagne bridesmaid dress

Chris and his groomsmen had some lucky charms to get ready. Then they struck some hilarious poses for John as he did their group shots. Quick story: the groomsmen all received monogrammed boxers as a gift. They were all man enough to wear them for the big day. So, of course, they posed for a shot in their skivvies. HOWEVER, I’ll let them be the ones to put that out into the internet if they want. Groom prep photos I love to take pictures of the bride and groom’s faces during vows. Some churches restrict the angles where photographers can be, so we don’t always get the opportunity. When a ceremony site allows me to be in the right positions to capture their faces, I am always rewarded with fantastic expressions. Sometimes it’s laughter like Emily and Chris and sometimes it’s happy tears. Carolina Inn wedding ceremony spots all allow for this – major thumbs up!
Carolina Inn wedding ceremony

And on to the reception – still at the Carolina Inn! Their reception table decorations included photos of the couple at various ages when they were growing up (before they knew each other). Check out Chris with the canoe paddle that’s twice as tall as he is!pictures of bride and groom as kids Carolina Inn Wedding First Dance

I love a good funny choreographed dance. We see it most often with the bridal party or father-daughter. Well, the groom’s mom got in on the action here! The mother-son dance started with “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from Mulan and they had some awesome Karate Kid style moves. Then there was some classic dancing and they finished off with a splendid dip.
Mother Son Dance

Revealing long hidden secrets is a great way to get a hilarious reaction from your toasts. The maid of honor and best man used that strategy.
“SURPRISE, she’s not really allergic to pineapple – she just doesn’t like it!”
“Remember that time we crashed the car into the fence in high school? Oh, we never told your parents that was us. I guess they know now. Oops!”Funny wedding toasts Emotional Wedding Toasts

Cinda’s Creative Cakes satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth. And a Harry Potter reference? Yes, ALWAYS. Harry Potter Cake

…and the party!! This dance floor had glow sticks, Mardis Gras beads, selfie sticks, sunglasses, craziness, and a whole lotta love.
Fun wedding

At one point toward the end of the night, everyone remaining gathered in a giant circle around Emily & Chris as they danced (I think to Journey). I snuck into the circle to get this last bunch of shots.Fun wedding reception Carolina Inn wedding reception

When things finally shut down around midnight, a huge group headed to Franklin Street for an impromptu after party! Hardcore wedding-goers 🙂

Venue: Carolina Inn

Coordinator: Sally Oakley

DJ: McSound Productions

Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes

Flowers: DIY from Lowe’s Foods

Hair & Makeup: Mina’s