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October 8, 2018

Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Tara & Dwayne’s Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

We were at Shady Wagon Farm all day Saturday for Tara & Dwayne’s big day, and y’all what a sweet and wonderful couple. 2018 is the year of the super smily bride and I am so happy about that. I’m sure Tara’s face hurt by the end of the day but she was beaming constantly! Exuding pure joy. And these two are so perfect for one another. In what was probably the sweetest moment I’ve witnessed at a wedding, Dwayne pulled Tara’s medicine out of his pocket when she mentioned she had forgotten to take it. He knows her so well <3 <3 <3

Thank you to…

Coordinator: Monica West from Shady Wagon
Bride’s hair & makeup: Beauty Chakra 
Bride’s dress: NY Bride & Groom of Raleigh
Florals: Alice Davis
Venue: Shady Wagon Farm
Officiant: Dennis Conner
Catering: Funky Fresh Food Truck
DJ: Sweet Sound Productions
Rentals: CE Rentals
Videography: Novapane Productions
Photography: Me & John 😀

the pretties:

Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

It’s hard to keep a straight face during what I call the Cousin It phase of getting your hair done, but Tara kept on smiling and laughing all throughout prep time. 
Shady Wagon Farm Wedding Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

The face you make when your team pulls into the lead on your wedding day (and goes on to win!). Then some toasts and hilarious wedding advice. 
Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Little note here about a cool feature at Shady Wagon Farm: in the guys’ room, there’s a stoplight to help make sure the groom doesn’t see the bride until it’s time. Red means he can’t be out on the grounds/looking out windows. 

The guys were following the game too! Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

That red light means it’s time for Tara to be out in her dress, so let’s check back in on the ladies’ side… just some finishing touches…Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

And then over to the main house for a first look with her dad. How stunning is her train?First Look with Dad Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

I love a good handkerchief. And then Tara and her dad demonstrated their stern faces. That is a great staredown. First Look with Dad Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Tara & Dwayne didn’t want to see each other until the ceremony, but they did want to have a first touch and pray together. They also used that time for Dwayne to open his gift from Tara – a new study bible. 
First Touch and prayer, Shady Wagon Farm Wedding First Touch and prayer, Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Then it was time for the ceremony, which had a million beautiful details, not the least of which was cheerwine for the guests!Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Oh yeah, the wedding party arrived via covered wagon pulled by a tractor. Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

And then Tara’s walk down the aisle. Didn’t I tell you about that smile? Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

She’s even smiling while trying not to cry as she meets Dwayne’s eyes. Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

How great are these signs lining the aisle? Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Dwayne made that cross just for the ceremony and it was the perfect backdrop!Shady Wagon Farm Wedding √

This is that “oh my gosh we’re married” feeling if I’ve ever seen it!!!Shady Wagon Farm Wedding Shady Wagon Farm Wedding Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Over at the reception were even more lovely details, including a who’s who of the wedding party and taps for Carolina Brewery beer. Dwayne works at the brewery so he has all the right connections!Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Wedding party entrances are always so fun, but nothing outshines the bride and groom entering to cheers.  Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

After the first dance and parent dances, everyone moved inside for a delicious dinner, catered by the Funky Fresh Food Truck crew. Funky Fresh Food Truck Wedding Catering

The newlyweds made their way around to each table to hug and laugh with their loved ones. Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Then it was back outside for toasts from the Best Man and Maid of Honor.

An anniversary dance revealed that this first couple was celebrating their 39th (if I’m remember correctly) anniversary. 

And the bouquet and garter tosses kicked off the rest of the party, complete with dives to the floor for the flowers. Shady Wagon Farm Wedding Fun Dance Floor Wedding Photography Shady Wagon Farm Wedding Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

Sparkler exits for the win!Shady Wagon Farm Wedding

That’s a wrap! I hope you two are enjoying your honeymoon, wherever that might be! (Dwayne planned the honeymoon and was keeping it a total secret from everyone, including Tara, so she was all packed with a passport and everything, but no clue where they were going)